Animal Logic Game & Brainvita


Animal Logic Game and Brainvita in a Box!

The game consists of a set of 3 x 3 nine-grid board and nine animal circles. According to the game title in the manual, the player needs to place the known pattern on the question board and then infer all animals in the remaining space according to the known pattern. The number of animals in each row and column is required to meet the left and top specifications as per the questions in the rule book.

In the Brainvita game all you have to do is move one marble over the other either horizontally or vertically (diagonal moves are not allowed). As soon as you do this, the marble over which you took the other marble disappears. Continue moving one marble over the till you have no other option.

The child learns to find similarities and differences, feeling them, the child increases the sensitivity of his fingers. At the same time, thinking develops – figurative, logical, creative. Playing, the kid understands the important science of comparison of subjects, learns to analyze the actions, to remember details, and so on.



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