Biblu’s Spot a Boo – Mindful Matching Game


Biblu’s Spot a Boo – Mindful Matching Game

Players race against each other to find and match hidden patterns in the tile grid.

From the whole lot of 70 unique tiles, layout 36 random tiles to form a 6 x 6 grid.

Now you get to match the remaining 34 tiles with the patterns on the grid.

To find matching patterns, players have to look at either 2 adjacent sides of 2 tiles
(Edge Match) or 4 adjacent corners of 4 tiles (Corner Match). If players are unable to
find a perfect match, they are allowed to rotate any 1 tile by one quarter (90°) in
clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to make the match (Rotation Match).

Players who match the most tiles win. 70 tiles with a million possible combinations to crack.

Improve visual-spatial logic, visual observation, focus & concentration with Biblu’s Spot a Boo.

Helping people unplug from devices and connect meaningfully with each other!


70 Tiles

1 Rule Sheet

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 cm


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