Calculation Sticks Game


The top of each picture card dictates which calculation sticks to use, so all players have to do is find the right spot to put them. Beginners can start with the outlined cards that guide them in terms of the proportions needed; while advanced players can move on to the trickier cards that come with no guided breakdown whatsoever.

We love any game that puts the fun back into traditional academic learning. Calculation Sticks provides a very visual platform that leads to a clearer understanding of quantity and its relationship to numbers; and when used independently, can also develop an early understanding of concepts like ratios, proportions, fractions; or even mathematical operatives like multiplication and division. That aside, it isn’t so much of what can be learned from this game that we deem priceless, but the fact that it approaches learning from such a great ‘play’ standpoint that our learners rarely ever feel like they are in a lesson when trying their hand at it.

When we incorporate play into learning, it wipes away fear, hesitance, and a reluctance to absorb or retain the information; and ultimately paths the way to a more positive and effective learning journey when these topics are eventually re-introduced to them as an academic subject in their later years.

• Visual estimation
• Spatial intelligence
• Logical reasoning
• Measurement skills
• Visual perceptual processing skills
• Lateral thinking
• Patience and concentration
• Overall cognitive development


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Calculation Sticks Game Box includes:

10 double-sided game sheets

48 wooden sticks

6 wooden circles &

1 manual.

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Additional information

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Dimensions 23 × 23 × 4 cm
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