Color Pop Game


Five colors, a constantly changing board, and a secret objective. All that and much more is Colorpop.

At the beginning of the game, you will be secretly assigned a color. From then on, your objective will be to make all the counters of your color disappear from the board, but without being too obvious: if your opponents get a whiff of what your secret color really is, they will make your popping a lot harder! It’s easy, a slight push with your finger and pop! the counter disappears.

Your goal is to completely eliminate the color from your game board or to have the least on the board if no more moves can be taken. On each players’ turn, they will “pop” a group of colors from the board. You cannot pop just one – it must be in a group of two or more of the same color horizontally or vertically and there is no limit to how large the contiguous group can be. Pressing on the board will cause the discs to pop downwards, falling out of the bottom. The columns then drop to fill the empty spaces.

Once a column is emptied, it is removed from the board and the rest of the columns are slid to the right to keep all the discs together (you can put the empty column on the right-hand side to fill the empty space). Play continues until either someone is able to remove the last disc of their color from the board or no more valid moves can be taken. Then the person with the fewest of their color remaining on the board wins the game.


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Each player is the only one who knows which color they want to eliminate from the game board. Players take turns removing groups of counters of the same color. Just press on the counters then watch as they slide out. The counters above them slide down to take their place. You have to be crafty to completely remove all the counters of your color. if your opponent figures it out, they might block you. This includes a game board with 100 color pops.

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