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Jenga Casino


Jenga with Casino theme. Take the blocks from the tower and bet on the outcome. Contains black and red blocks, numbered as on a roulette table. Betting with money-chips follows the roulette rules.

  • Roulette numbered blocks
  • Bet your chips on the outcome of each tower!
  • Red or black blocks, odds or evens or…
  • will the tower fall?!
    Gamble your way to the top, avoiding bankruptcy on the way, and reap the rewards at the Jenga Casino.

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1 Jenga Roulette table game board,27 black jenga blocks (numbered from 1 to 27) ,27 red jenga blocks ( numbered from 1 to 27), 36 * $100 jenga chips, 27 * $500 jenga chips, 12 * $1000 jenga chips.

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Weight 1.250 kg
Dimensions 27 × 17 × 6.5 cm


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