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Mini Magnetic Sticks


Make an architecturally sound bridge, a decorative home, or something wild and undefinable. The choice is up to you! The playset contains steel balls and rods that let you connect and build whatever awesome creations you want.

Mini Mag-stick magnets have the correct strength for their purpose and are made out of the highest quality material. Premium High-Quality Magnets Will Completely assure you to have the Most Enjoyable Fun-Filled Time Building your Own Creative Puzzle Inventions with Friends and Family!

It can help you to begin on exciting 2-D and 3-D projects with all your unlimited imaginations! 

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The magnet block is made of high-quality original ABS material, rounded-edge design, safe and soft to the touch. More than 3,000 anti-throw tests to prevent it from falling off. Magnetic stitching blocks designed for children over 3 years old.

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Weight 1.300 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 14.5 cm


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