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Octagon Jenga


Here’s an 8-sided twist on the classic square tumbling tower game. This octagon tower features different shaped blocks — and now players have to face all kinds of ​​master challenges. Switching colors that can be stacked, turning Jenga pieces on their side — all while maintaining the octagon shape.

Stack and build with different shapes and colors! The Jenga Octagon game features blocks of varied shapes that must be stacked to keep the octagon-shaped tower. Enjoy the excitement and anticipation as each player carefully removes and stacks blocks, keeping the octagon shape as the tower gets higher and higher.

The last player to successfully stack a Jenga block without causing the tower to crash wins the game. Try the included Master Challenges such as turning blocks on their side at different angles, or switching which colors can be stacked.

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This box includes 45 plastic Jenga octagon blocks, 15 center blocks & 30 edge blocks, stacking sleeve.

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Dimensions 23 × 8 × 8 cm


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