Piri Piri Game


Will you be the first one to “GRAB” the right color bin based on the card played and emerge as a waste warrior? Quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination are the cornerstones of this fun game.

Grab is designed to be played across multiple age groups too. Kids, parents and grandparents can easily play this game together for some wholesome family time.

Grab is super easy to setup and you can start playing in a snap! Just shuffle the cards, put out the bins and you are ready to play.

Game Play:

-Shuffle all the cards & place facedown in the center. Place all four bins next to the cards.

-Youngest player flips open the first card.

-Players have to quickly grab the right color bin as per the image on the card. The first player to grab the right color bin wins & claims the card.

-If a player grabs a wrong color bin, the player has to return one of his/her won cards back to the pile.

-Play continues in clockwise direction.

-Each card carries single point whereas prevention card (Yellow Bin) carries double point.

-At the end, player with the maximum point is the winner!

Bonus: We get to understand the Source Segregation of Waste. A journey towards clean India!

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