Wooden Pixy Cubes


Imagination comes in cubes!

There are 16 colored cubes in the game that let kids use their imagination to design various patterns. Kids can replicate the pattern provided by the game card or create their own.

The challenge cards are sorted according to the difficulty. The later the order is, the more difficult it is.

Suitable for 1-4 players.

Arrange colorful cubes in different designs with Pixy Cubes. Each cube is colored green, red, yellow, and blue either as solids, halves or in two variations of crescent shapes. You can race for speed, challenge your memory, or simply create pictures and designs as a pastime.

In the speed game, players try to be the first one to arrange their cubes in a pattern designated on a “Challenge Card.” In the memory game, players have 10 seconds to memorize the pattern first and then try to be the first one to duplicate it.

Pixy Cubes also contains “Design Cards” that players can use as a layout. Some cards show the sides of the cubes while others are plain.

The levels of difficulty vary. With or without the models, the possibilities are just about endless! The cubes are lightweight

Pixy Cubes contains three activities in one creative game! Play the challenge cards or design colorful pictures with 16 vibrant cubes. Sharpen your memory and spatial reasoning with the challenge cards.

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Pixy Cube block includes

16 wooden cubes

20 design cards ( 80 patterns)

13 challenge cards

1 manual

Additional information

Additional information

Weight .40 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 4 cm
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