Rush Hour – 182 Challenges Deluxe Edition


Escape the grip lock in style with 12 metallic cars and 4 trucks.

The Player has to move the cars and trucks in such a way that the Red Car “X” comes out through the opening in the playing grid frame.

Select a challenge card and place the cars and trucks on the playing grid to match the illustration.
Slide the blocking cars and trucks in their lanes—up and down, left and right—until the path is clear for the red car to escape. Vehicles can only slide forward and backward, not sideways.

One Rule: No lifting cars or trucks off the traffic grid surface. Stay in your lanes!
If You’re Stuck: If you find yourself hopelessly gridlocked: Just dump the pieces out of the frame, reset and start over.

Rush Hour fans will enjoy the metallic car design and an attractive storage box.

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The Pack includes:

15 blocking vehicles, 1 red car,  182 challenges, and 1 traffic grid Game Board.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 5 cm
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