Virus Fighter Board Game

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Virus Fighter Board Game is an incredible concept which revolves around the basic laws of nature that is “precautions are better than cure”. If anyone takes precautions and maintains proper hygiene then that particular individual will be a virus fighter. However, if one doesn’t take any precautions and show various symptoms then that individual is infected by the virus.

Game rules:

  1. Roll the dice and move your pawn to the number of spaces shown on the dice. More than one pawn can share the same place.
  2. If you land in any state it means you are in a safe zone.
  3. If you land on the red mark then you will have to go through the red card for further instructions.
  4. If you land on the green mark, then you have to go through the green card for further instructions.

The first player to be a virus fighter to reach the safe zone after covering all 28 states is the winner.


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