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Walls and Knights Smart Game


Position the walls and protect your Knights! Brainpower is needed to protect your castle with Smart Games Walls & Knights! Featuring a beautiful 3D game board and intricately detailed knights, walls & knights includes 60 increasingly difficult challenges where players must protect the blue warriors within the castle by arranging the walls to keep the red invaders out.

60 challenges ranging from easy to difficult that develop logical thinking skills, strategic planning, visual and spatial perception.

Choose a challenge, place the red invaders (the enemy) and the blue knights on the game board as indicated in the challenge. You must not move them until the challenge has been completed. Position the walls using the indents on the board as a guideline, so that the red invaders are kept outside and the blue knights remain within the ramparts.
There is only one correct solution. You can find all the solutions at the back of the challenge booklet.

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This kit contains 4 Red invaders, 4 Blue knights, 4 walls, a base board , elastic band and a user manual.

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 4.5 cm


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