Wooden Threaded Rubik’s Snake


Brain teasers like this Rubik’s Snake are an excellent way to enhance creativity and logical reasoning skills!!!

Kids can replicate the patterns in the game card or can form their own creations. Possibilities are endless!!!

We can guarantee hours of fun with this classy colored wooden Rubik’s Snake, and you will also appreciate the challenge this puzzle offers!

The puzzle, in essence, has an interesting but relatively simple mechanism. The puzzle has 24 3D right-angled triangles, which each can be turned 360 degrees around the face of its adjacent triangle. This creates 23 individual turning points, each with 4 separate positions. Therefore, the number of combinations that a Rubik’s Snake possesses theoretically is 4^23, or 70 quadrillion. However, upon playing around with the Rubik’s Snake, one will soon see that not all of these combinations are reachable, as some turns are physically blocked from being made by the locations of other pieces.

Not only a boredom breaker but a stress reliever too for adults!

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 3 cm


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